Wed, Oct 07
Online Event - $5.00 Registration Fee
VOL 9. The Covid Lockdown Debate: Government lockdown mandates justified in mitigating the spread of Covid-19.
Lockdown policies were enacted earlier this year to mitigate the spread of Covid-19. As parts of the world brace for a second wave and new lockdown measures come into effect, we want to know whether these mandates help curb the spread of the virus. What do you think? Is a second lockdown justified?
Thu, Aug 13
Online event
VOL 8. Universal Basic Income: A Financial Safeguard Forward.
Economic havoc around the world caused by the coronavirus has revived the debate around whether now is the time to implement a universal basic income. What do you think? Should a UBI structure be the pathway forward?
Fri, Jul 24
Online Event
VOL 7. The Face Mask Debate: Public mask mandates curb the spread of Covid-19.
With mandatory masking being enacted by governments around the world, in an attempt to mitigate the spread of the coronavirus, many questions have surfaced as to whether or not these measures work. What do you think? Do public mask mandates help curb the spread of the virus?
Tue, Jul 14
Online Event
VOL 6. Defunding the Police: A process long overdue?
Citizens around the world are pushing to defund police. The definition of defunding the police has varied, depending on who you ask. But try to imagine a world without the police. What would our communities be like? Would the be safer or more rampant to crime? What do you think?
Tue, Jun 23
Online Event
VOL 5. Canada vs. New Zealand: Hand 'em in! Banning guns will make us safer.
June 23 @ 7pmEDT / June 24 @ 11amNZST Canada's government recently announced a ban on 1,500 makes and models of “military-grade” assault weapons. Similarly, New Zealand's government, following the shooting in Christchurch, banned semi-automatic weapons. Can the banning of guns be justified?
Thu, Jun 18
Online Event
VOL 4. A COVID-19 Vaccination: Why Our Prior Normal Can't be Reached Without One.
According to health experts around the world, populations seeking the ability to truly get back to normal — and handle future outbreaks — hinges on effective vaccines. However, many skeptics and theories have also been circulating which question whether vaccines are truly the answer.
Fri, May 22
Online Event
VOL 3. Socialism: The new and more effective way forward?
As we slowly start to emerge from a complete collapse in the economy, politicians are once again arguing about the merits and drawbacks of the opposing economic forces between capitalism and socialism. So where do we go from here?
Wed, May 20
Online Event
VOL 2. Deplatforming: A useful tool to eradicate hate?
To deplatform someone is to remove their access to a channel for delivering messages to an audience. Deplatforming may involve not just banning the user or discontinuing service but also removing any existing content the user previously created on the site or service. So does it work?
Wed, May 13
Online Event
VOL 1. Defunding the WHO: Trump vs. the World Health Organization
President Trump has called for the U.S. to withhold funding for the WHO over what he claimed were missteps that perpetuated the coronavirus pandemic. In this debate, we discuss whether Trump's decision to of de-funding the WHO is the right or wrong move.

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